• New size

  • New size

  • New size Entrepreneurship and company formation

    Entrepreneurship and company formation

  • New size Internationalization of companies

    Internationalization of companies

  • New size Local development support

    Local development support

  • New size Incentives and support for investment

    Incentives and support for investment

  • New size Virtual Office - Business Domiciliation

    Virtual Office - Business Domiciliation

  • New size Business consultancy

    Business consultancy

  • New size Business restructuring and recovery

    Business restructuring and recovery

  • New size Legal advice

    Legal advice

  • New size Property consultancy

    Property consultancy

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The CNI Customer Card provides you company with exclusive benefits and advantages, that are provides in a free and personalized manner, namely:

  • Special conditions relative to the cost of CNI services;
  • Special conditions for financing and other banking operations with our partner banks;
  • Special conditions when applying for insurance coverage;
  • Special conditions for vocational training;
  • Special conditions when apply for EU funds;
  • Special conditions with company management support.

Many additional privileges are offered through the CNI – Consultoria de Negócios Internacionais group and its consultants.

All you have to do to obtain the "CNI Negócios" card is sign-up and it will be activated immediately before you commission your first service from us. henceforth you will also receive our Newsletter with relevant information for your business.