One Stop ShopCNI is a multi-disciplinary business consultancy for entrepreneurs and companies that want to be successful in a global market that requires a constant re-invention of processes and methodologies to remain competitive and create increased wealth, while remaining socially responsible.

  • Introduction

    The priority for CNI is to promote a space where business experiences and knowledge can be shared between young entrepreneurs and even seasoned businessmen and solutions found and ambitions rekindled. It is also our intention to interconnect entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen, technicians, researchers, teachers and students of the different sectors, both national and international.

  • Mission

    CNI, in its quest for innovation and excellence, aims to be an essential venue for training and informing businessmen and entrepreneurs, supplying them with quality services and especially in embedding value and innovation in their businesses on a global scale.

  • Vision

    To be recognised for the different and superior quality of the services we render at a global level and for taking Portuguese companies to the world and bringing the world to Portuguese companies.

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Many additional privileges are offered through the CNI – Consultoria de Negócios Internacionais group and its consultants.

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